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Murphy's Law - Jessica [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Murphy's Law [Jan. 18th, 2005|08:49 pm]
[mood |tiredtired]

Murphy's Law has just ransacked my life!

Monday- I have no vehicle and I am running short on cash. Went and registered for school last minute. Got crappy classes.
Tuesday- I have no vehicle, cash, or groceries. Went to crappy classes.
Wednesday- 7:10 am My stepdad's brother-in-law died.
7:15 am My mom, waiting at my apartment to take me to work, gets the call and starts crying.
7:30 am I call into work so I can help my family through everything. My boss is not happy. (Still no vehicle)
2:00 pm My mom decides to lend me her car so I can go to class.
3:00 pm Went to class and explained the situation, to which the professor was sympathetic, said I was excused, and told me to feel free to take Friday off.
Thursday- Still no truck. Mom wanted her car back, so I started calling car rental places. Still no money or groceries. Didn't feel like going to class... too stressed. Mom ended up renting a car for me and giving me money for groceries and funeral clothes.
Friday- Went to work, not to school. I started to feel sick. I had a fever and my throat hurt. Visitation made me realize that I am a social retard when it comes to what is appropriate for a funeral.
Saturday- Woke up early for funeral. Fever was so high that I felt like I would pass out at the cemetary. And somewhere along the line, I became responsible for my sister. Called into work again, this time I promised a doctor's note. Mackenzie went with me to the doctor's (he said that I stressed myself into an illness) and I spent the last of my cash on antibiotics.
Sunday- Went to work. Left work after an hour and a half. Realized several hours later that I have only worked 5 hours this week.